20 Months- Shhh Baby Sleeping

So the Little Man hasn’t been the best sleeper. Granted he’s not the worst and I really feel for those out there with terrible sleepers. But after his sisters it’s been a bit of a shock. So suddenly things seem to have settled down a bit and he’s ‘sleeping through’ and he’s not getting getting up up at 4am or 5am anymore. This weekend he slept until 10am. Yes 10am!! and I’m having to wake him some mornings to take his sisters to school and sometimes from a 3 hour nap. The sleep gods have arrived and my sleep dodger is now a converted sleep lover. I’m not sure what has brought on this sudden and welcome change. He still has 8 teeth to come through so technically he’s still teething. He’s a typical boy and runs everywhere and we spend a lot more time outside but not loads and loads since the weather has been pretty rubbish. He’s still not talking so there is still that major develpment leap to come. All I know with any certainty is I hope this new behaviour is here to stay.

13 Months – The things we do for sleep

I’m sure my little man isn’t the worst sleeper but he’s certainly not the best. His sisters set a pretty high standard there.

So with jet lag and the clocks changing sleep has been disrupted again! Well it makes a change from my usual excuses for him. Teeth, growth spurt or development milestone.

In our house there are two things that work to get him to sleep or back to sleep. Cuddles from mum or a drive from dad. Cuddles from dad will not be accepted and well mum Continue reading

Week 17 – Sleep Glorious Sleep

So it was only 2 weeks ago I wrote about the lack of sleep. There is one thing I have learned with babies and children. They have some bad habits or stages, but they are always short lived. I knew we were heading in the right direction sleep wise, it was just taking a little longer to get there than I would have liked. Or than his sisters did. But my lovely boy hit the 17 week mark and Continue reading