Royal Baby Watch – The Golden Goose

It’s been reported that Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton have the same due date so I wonder how Kate feels seeing that Kim delivered a baby girl on Saturday, 5 weeks early! Congratulations to Kim and Kanye. I’m sure many have their own opinions on the stateside celebrities but at the end of the day everything aside we wish them all the very best with their special new arrival. No matter who you are there can’t be a time any more special than the arrival of a new baby and behind closed doors Kim is no different than any other new mum completely besotted with her new baby girl and completely overwhelmed with tiredness. Welcome to the baby fog.

Hearing Kim’s happy news did take me back to the arrival of my 1st Little Lady who was due Christmas Day 2003. Firstly I felt so well I cooked Christmas Dinner on my due date for 10 family and friends, madness I know! By 9pm a certain very dear friend announced that if I were to be having my baby on Christmas Day I had better get my skates on. Oh dear either he hadn’t realised that babies have their own agenda (approx. 5% arrive on their due date) or he was as impatient as the rest of the house suddenly became. Didn’t I feel like the gooose who HADN’T laid the golden egg. I suddenly felt under huge pressure to have this baby. A fair amount of it put on by myself and the fact that a Christmas baby would be very special and a pile of little pressies and a My First Christmas stocking lay unopened on the hearth. I will still naive enough to think there was still time in 3 hours to go into labour and have the baby. Little did I know at that stage this would be a 36 hour event. I can suddenly see why the palace has been very coy about Kate’s actual due date. Imagine the pressure she will feel under with the whole world watching and waiting for news of a future heir to the throne. That is a lot of pressure! Because to Kate this is her new baby and she will feel like every other new mum-to-be. I hope she gets to just saviour that special time behind closed doors. As anyone with two or more will realise you never ever get those first days and hours back again, that little bubble.

Celebrity Baby Gifts

We are proud to have delivered our unique range of Baby Clothes Bouquets to a whole host of celebrities over the years. I obviously read far too many OK! Magazines as you would be surprised how often these orders come through and really aren’t that obvious. But they spring out at me, even when the team miss them. It’s usually when I am scanning orders to see what is currently selling well that I spot them. A few years back we even had one clever celebrity ‘Stateside’ who managed to keep the arrival of their new bundle of joy out of the media for 3 weeks. We were avidly watching Celebrity Baby Watch to see when an announcement (if any) would be made.

You see a lot of the time these gifts aren’t sent by another celebrity, they are sent by Continue reading

Week 1 – Bringing Home Baby

After one night in hospital and the Little Man and I had the all clear to head home, a relief as I was in 5 days last time. A very very very proud big sister came with dad to collect us and what a lovely surprise when we got home. Dear MIL had decorated the house and had a lovely cake waiting. Complete with It’s a Boy balloons on the gate and signs in the windows. I don’t normally go for that sort of thing but I must admit it was very sweet and of course the neighbours also knew he had arrived! Saved any embarrassment of anyone seeing my still protuding tummy and asking how much longer?

As this is my last baby (really this time!) I just want to enjoy every precious moment, sleepless or not! Finally on the 3rd I have realised that the initial Baby Fog soon lifts and you simply cannot spoil a baby by cuddling them as much as you can. A routine can wait a week or so…

My dear MIL is also staying for a week to help with the older ones and around the house. She has been an absolute rock and has allowed me to just concentrate on baby and getting feeding established. Naively on our first we wanted to be just the three of us and to find our own way. Having done it both ways I really think you need some family support in the early days. The best gift I think anyone can give you is to pitch up and put a meal on your table, hold the baby while you shower and tidy up a bit. A big thank you to Nanny Doris for all your help this week. I hope it was a special week for you too and your first grandson.

Did someone say Mumnesia? – Week 15

My husband told me when I had my first child that it was medically proven that women lose (and never regain) 25% of their brain matter during each pregnancy. I defy him to do the maths on any family with 4 or more children, it can’t possibly be true. It is a fact however he is rather convinced by and will tell anyone who will listen that now No 3 is on the way I am down to Continue reading