Bespoke Baby Bouquets

From time to time we get asked to create a bespoke range of Bouquets for clients. As we design and make all our own bouquets in our UK workshop we have the facility to put together, at short notice bespoke bouquets that those who import aren’t able to do. Of course we have all the expertise too from our own award winning range to bring to the client something that really shows off their own brand.

Recently we did this range, for an event, for a client who wanted to showcase their own Baby range. We did a selection of Continue reading

No Chocolate’s Were Harmed…

…in the making of these Chocolate Bouquets! There are three parts to designing our award winning ranges of Baby Clothes Bouquets and Chocolate Bouquets. Firstly we want to design something that has the wow factor when it arrives, that genuinely bowls over the recipient and gives them that ‘gift giving’ moment. It is also very important to us that not only does it look great but that the contents don’t disappoint. So for the Continue reading

Celebrity Baby Gifts

We are proud to have delivered our unique range of Baby Clothes Bouquets to a whole host of celebrities over the years. I obviously read far too many OK! Magazines as you would be surprised how often these orders come through and really aren’t that obvious. But they spring out at me, even when the team miss them. It’s usually when I am scanning orders to see what is currently selling well that I spot them. A few years back we even had one clever celebrity ‘Stateside’ who managed to keep the arrival of their new bundle of joy out of the media for 3 weeks. We were avidly watching Celebrity Baby Watch to see when an announcement (if any) would be made.

You see a lot of the time these gifts aren’t sent by another celebrity, they are sent by Continue reading

Royal Baby Gifts

Ever since it was announced back in December that there was a royal baby on the way speculation has been high on whether it will be twins, a boy or a girl and favoured baby names. As Kate’s July due date fastly approaches we are seeing and hearing almost on a daily basis the items Kate and William have chosen to prepare for their new arrival. A Bugaboo buggy (in blue I might add), a classic white whicker moses basket and Commando Dad to prepare William for his new role.

The next discussion is certain to be, what is an appropriate Continue reading