Bespoke Baby Bouquets

From time to time we get asked to create a bespoke range of Bouquets for clients. As we design and make all our own bouquets in our UK workshop we have the facility to put together, at short notice bespoke bouquets that those who import aren’t able to do. Of course we have all the expertise too from our own award winning range to bring to the client something that really shows off their own brand.

Recently we did this range, for an event, for a client who wanted to showcase their own Baby range. We did a selection of Continue reading

New baby gift giving ‘is a piece of cake’

We are pleased to announce a sweet new addition to our gift range. Long known for our fresh and imaginative range, containing essential items of baby wear presented in new and eye catching ways. ‘Angel Cake’ is the latest in our collection of award winning gifts.

‘Angel Cake’ contains the always useful bib and a pair of socks, tastily presented to look like a slice of cake. The cleverly folded baby bib is topped with the icing on the cake a single pair of baby socks. A ‘delicious’ yet guilt free gift range to welcome a little ‘slice of heaven’.