ACID Anti Copying In Design

Sadly copying is a fact of business. In some cases copying may be considered the sincerest form of flattery but in business well it’s frustrating and can be damaging to your business. We are often asked how we protect our designs and business. We’ve been members of ACID since we launched in 2005. In fact protecting our IP rights were one of the first things that we did when we set up and still consider it an important part of running our business.

It can be hard to completely irradicate copying, afterall we all take Continue reading

Young Love

My daughter, who has just turned 6 came home from school last week with her 1st Valentine. As it’s school holidays this week, her young admirer was certainly organised. So she would like to reciprocate hence a trip to the shops on Saturday to buy a card and a token of her love. So what does a 6 year old buy (or ask her mother to) the object of their affections. Well Moshi Monsters of course! I asked my eldest if she would like to send a card to a boy in her class. No way that’s gross was the response!

Christmas 2013

Every year we plan to be a little more organised and to plan a little better. I was wondering if we’d gone a bit overboard when in late December 2012 I booked a Christmas 2013 planning session in everyone’s diaries for the 3rd of January. You see I wanted to do it when it was all still fresh in our heads.

So today we had our first planning session for Christmas 2013, complete with pizza. Like we need more food just after Christmas. However it was a very productive day and since I don’t have any New Years resolutions it was a good way to put some focus into the start of the year. Traditionally a very busy time for us, what with all those Spring arrivals just around the corner. We all felt a little flat when all the festive bouquets came off the website so it was nice to think about them all again and all the goodies we have planned for next year. And it wasn’t too early when we now have actions in our diaries starting in June.

A Christmas High Tea

We’ve been very organised for Christmas this year. Ticking all those jobs off our list. New Christmas Chocolate Bouquet range, photo shoot, catalogue tick tick tick. So it only seemed fitting to have an early Christmas Soiree.

So it was off to The Angel Hotel in Abergavenny for High Tea. A first for all and one that will definately be repeated. It was a very relaxing way to while away an afternoon. If only we could do it every day!


I am getting a bit addicted to Pinterest. Have you tried it? If not I recommend you do.

So what is Pinterest? It’s like a giant pin board of ideas. You can create boards and then pin ideas to them. Think of it as your favourites in Internet Explorer but a visual version. All the great sites and links you come across that you save for another day (but don’t quite get back to or if you do can’t find again) in one place where Continue reading