20 Months- Shhh Baby Sleeping

So the Little Man hasn’t been the best sleeper. Granted he’s not the worst and I really feel for those out there with terrible sleepers. But after his sisters it’s been a bit of a shock. So suddenly things seem to have settled down a bit and he’s ‘sleeping through’ and he’s not getting getting up up at 4am or 5am anymore. This weekend he slept until 10am. Yes 10am!! and I’m having to wake him some mornings to take his sisters to school and sometimes from a 3 hour nap. The sleep gods have arrived and my sleep dodger is now a converted sleep lover. I’m not sure what has brought on this sudden and welcome change. He still has 8 teeth to come through so technically he’s still teething. He’s a typical boy and runs everywhere and we spend a lot more time outside but not loads and loads since the weather has been pretty rubbish. He’s still not talking so there is still that major develpment leap to come. All I know with any certainty is I hope this new behaviour is here to stay.

17 Months – Teeth, Talking and Hoovering

Finally after months of grumbling they are sprouting like spring bulbs, the teeth that is. No wonder he grumbled. Some of the molars look rather large and if you are silly enough to put your fingers in his chops, are very sharp. My daughter who is 9 suggested the other day that perhaps without teeth he can’t really talk as she has trouble talking when she has a tooth fall out. It’s not such a silly suggestion, they are making kids Continue reading

16 Months – Little Chatterbox

So my little baby seems to now truly be a little man and he is a real chatter box. He is only saying a handful of words; nana (banana) frog (for his bath toy) cat (as he chases one of our poor elderly cats) and HIYA. Hiya was pretty much his first work and he’s still not even saying mum and dad properly at the appropriate time but Hiya he has down pat. He loves to talk on the phone. I mean loves it. He likes to Skype too but only if he knows the person he is skyping. His Uncle and cousin are firm favourites. He won’t share Continue reading

15 Months – Where Has My Baby Gone

Sometime over the last week my little man went to sleep one night a baby and woke up the next day a full blown little person. He’s been walking for a few weeks now and I was wondering when he was actually termed a toddler. I think the last few days has answered that question for me.

The world has suddenly clicked in his little mind. When I get his coat he puts a little arm out to put into it. When I lift him out of the high chair he runs Continue reading

14 Months – We have a walker

It has to be one of the biggest and proudest milestones for both little ones and their parents. Our little man took his first steps last week and boy was he, his big sisters and his mum and dad proud. All the cheering surely nearly made him topple straight back over.

In a week he has gone from two to three very wobbly and hesitant steps to crossing the room. At first he looked very drunk which was super cute. He still has his hands mostly outstretched and above his head like he is doing a strange dance. Occasionally he is getting brave and walks holding a few toys for good measure. I love how he takes a few steps Continue reading