Young Love

My daughter, who has just turned 6 came home from school last week with her 1st Valentine. As it’s school holidays this week, her young admirer was certainly organised. So she would like to reciprocate hence a trip to the shops on Saturday to buy a card and a token of her love. So what does a 6 year old buy (or ask her mother to) the object of their affections. Well Moshi Monsters of course! I asked my eldest if she would like to send a card to a boy in her class. No way that’s gross was the response!

16 Months – Little Chatterbox

So my little baby seems to now truly be a little man and he is a real chatter box. He is only saying a handful of words; nana (banana) frog (for his bath toy) cat (as he chases one of our poor elderly cats) and HIYA. Hiya was pretty much his first work and he’s still not even saying mum and dad properly at the appropriate time but Hiya he has down pat. He loves to talk on the phone. I mean loves it. He likes to Skype too but only if he knows the person he is skyping. His Uncle and cousin are firm favourites. He won’t share Continue reading