A Christmas High Tea

We’ve been very organised for Christmas this year. Ticking all those jobs off our list. New Christmas Chocolate Bouquet range, photo shoot, catalogue tick tick tick. So it only seemed fitting to have an early Christmas Soiree.

So it was off to The Angel Hotel in Abergavenny for High Tea. A first for all and one that will definately be repeated. It was a very relaxing way to while away an afternoon. If only we could do it every day!

14 Months – Teeth Glorious Teeth

Recent weeks have brought a few extra teeth and a few sleepless nights, but that seems par for the course.

My little ones seem to be fairly slow in the teeth department. My 1st Little Lady was walking before she had teeth and she wasn’t an early walker. But the old wives tale of get them late and keep them longer seems to be true (in our case). Health professionals will tell you that babies can eat anything even without teeth. They will then tell you that frail elderly people with no teeth manage fine and will take their falsies out to eat. From what I have seen that is because Continue reading

Tights for Boys?

Not so long ago I told my husband we needed some tights for the Little Man. To say he raised an eyebrow is an understatement. With the Little Ladies tights weren’t just reserved for dresses, they make great layering in colder months for jeans too. I’m not sure why but little ones jeans and trousers always seem to ride up when they are sat in a buggy leaving inches of squidgy legs exposed to the elements. I figure that is pretty chilly when they are already sat still not keeping warm striding along pushing a fully laden buggy like mum.

Well it seems I’m not the only one who thought this was a good idea. Enter Titan Tights. How cool Continue reading

13 Months – Bibs Bibs Bibs

A key piece of kit (or accessory) when you are a little person. With Baby No 1 and Baby No 2 a bib was a bib. I seriously didn’t understand how other mums could spend time discussing bibs. With Baby No 3 they seem to be a crucial piece of kit with a different type of bib required for different purposes. Suddenly I get the discussions. We have the everyday cotton bib for those dribbly teething days. Thankfully even though the little man is a super dribbler (his sisters never dribbled) we don’t quite need those reinforced dribble bibs. Perhaps just a change of bib twice a day. I prefer Continue reading

13 Months – The things we do for sleep

I’m sure my little man isn’t the worst sleeper but he’s certainly not the best. His sisters set a pretty high standard there.

So with jet lag and the clocks changing sleep has been disrupted again! Well it makes a change from my usual excuses for him. Teeth, growth spurt or development milestone.

In our house there are two things that work to get him to sleep or back to sleep. Cuddles from mum or a drive from dad. Cuddles from dad will not be accepted and well mum Continue reading