Week 52 – The 1st Birthday Party

It was the Little Mans 1st birthday yesterday. I still cannot believe that he’s here let alone that he’s 1!

So over the weekend we had a 1st Birthday Party for him. My husband hadn’t originally been too keen, afterall he won’t remember it. But I thought it would be nice for the Little Ladies to have a party for him and well it will be our last Continue reading

New Mama Bling

There seems to be a flurry of new arrivals this month and we’ve added to our new mum gift collection. These stylish feeding reminder bracelets from Mama Jewels will add a little bit of order to a tired new mums day (and nights).

At the end of each feed mum simply swaps the bracelet to the wrist on the side which she is due to feed from next. A subtle and Continue reading

Competition Time – The Times Table Adventures

Well it’s Back to School time and that means Homework! My lovely lady No 1 loves school and is really rather cleaver always getting a glowing school report in every area but maths. I don’t know why but she just struggles with maths and in particular the times tables. I can remember as a kid riding my bike to school (yep I’m that old) running though the times tables in my head. I must have been about her age. I don’t know if I struggled with them but I loved learning them. Of course like any parent I hate Continue reading


I am getting a bit addicted to Pinterest. Have you tried it? If not I recommend you do.

So what is Pinterest? It’s like a giant pin board of ideas. You can create boards and then pin ideas to them. Think of it as your favourites in Internet Explorer but a visual version. All the great sites and links you come across that you save for another day (but don’t quite get back to or if you do can’t find again) in one place where Continue reading

Week 50 – The Baldy Baby

I keep seeing other babies out and about that look like toddlers. I’m surprised when I ask their mothers how old they are as they look so grown up compared to my little man, only to find out they are the same age or younger. I have finally twigged why that is so. It’s not like he is slow developmentally. He crawled very early and is now cruising the furniture, not far off his first steps. He’s quite tall wearing 12-18 months clothes. He’s babbling away with some words almost distinguishable. But he has hardly any hair and only two teeth which makes him look very much like a baby. His counterparts with a full head of hair and half a mouth of teeth look so much older. I’m actually quite pleased he still looks like a baby. This past year has gone far too quickly. I just want to hold onto my little baby boy for a little longer.