Week 46 – Back to Work

OK so does a two hour meeting in the office count as back to work? No possibly not but I must admit despite the military operation of getting three children to nans in the school holidays I rather enjoyed two hours in the office. I have been very fortunate that with all three of my little ones I have been able to take a years maternity leave . Running your own business there is ALWAYS something to do so it’s not a full maternity leave but if you are organised (and have a great team) you can fit a little bit in around a new baby if you can work from home like I do. I have found that for the first nine months I really feel I could stay at home forever and really really don’t want to return to work. Then bingo you get to 9 and a half months and well Continue reading

Week 45 – Mr Bump

This week seems to be a week of bumps. The poor Little Man has a permanent red bump on his forehead. All the more apparent as he is still pretty baldy. Thankfully there haven’t been any big bumps but he’s definately getting more mobile so is bumping into everything. He’s still commando crawling and very quickly. He seems to levitate above the floor and scoot along. And now he’s starting to pull himself up on everything to stand. Hmmm maybe this Olympic coverage Continue reading

Competition Time – Making a bum job better

I’ve long been a fan of Cheeky Wipes. I had every intention of using cloth nappies with Baby No 3. It hasn’t happened but I’m very happy I came across Cheeky Wipes. Here we are 10 months in and they are still one of my best baby buys. In fact I have two sets. one for bums and one for sticky little hands and faces. They’re the perfect size as a little washcloth for cleaning up a messy little eater and much nicer warmed under the tap than a cold baby wipe across the face.

The kind folk at Cheeky Wipes have donated a set of their new All-in-One-Kit for this months competition which you can enter here