Week 35 – Buggyfit

A lot of great ideas come out of Mums on Maternity Leave. What was that saying? “The mother of all inventions” Albert Einstein. OK so quoted by a man but the idea is that great inventions come out of neccessity. Lots of mums struggle to exercise with young children. Looking after young children can be hard work but it doesn’t actually give you Continue reading

Week 34 – Move over Nigella

There is a new domestic goddess in (tiny) town and I’ve learnt everything I know from Annabel Karmel.

This is the 3rd time I have had to dedicate many an evening to batch cooking for my little one.There are so many really high quality organic food pouches and jars on the market now that you can feed your little one really well. Ellas Kitchen are a particular favourite of ours and we do use them when out and about but when at home nothing beats mums home cooking. My 1st would only eat Continue reading

Week 33 – Baby Yoga

One of my favourite activities of the week and a new one with Baby 3 is Baby Yoga. I really didn’t have any idea what it would be about when I signed up but it is one of my favourite. Definately one that mum enjoys as much as the little one and as a wise woman (my mum) once told me “a happy baby = a happy mummy”.

Baby Yoga pretty much ticks all the boxes for me:

  • I get some gentle exercise
  • It’s a bit of me time – OK baby is with me but he loves it and I enjoy it so I think of it as a treat for me.
  • Bonding time with baby – an hour just to switch off from routine and housework and do something we both enjoy.
  • Spend time with other mums and babies – swapping stories and seeing what other little ones are up to.
  • The highlight of all mother and baby groups – a bit of social time – coffee, lunch and cake in the cafe afterwards.
  • The idea of Baby Yoga is Continue reading

    Week 32 – Here Comes the Sun

    Rain rain go away, sunshine I hope you are here to stay.

    Wow we’ve had a fair bit of rain of late. But a few glimpses of sunshine have now arrived and wow the temperature certainly spikes up too. Yipee!!

    So it’s that time of year again where the clocks have gone forward and the kids are up early and hesitant to go to bed. Even the baby seems to have Continue reading