The Queens Visit

One of my most enduring childhood memories is getting up in the night (we lived in the US) to watch the Royal wedding of Charles and Diana with my grandmother.

I’m not sure if the appeal of watching it was down to:

1. Being allowed to get up in the night to watch TV.
2. Watching a young lady becoming a real live Princess.
3. My grandmothers excitment, she was a true Royalist.

So when I heard that Her Majesty the Queen would be visiting Ebbw Vale (home of The Flower Stork HQ) as part of her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations I wanted to Continue reading

Week 31 – The Widgey

So the Little Man is 7 months old and on the move but sitting up just eludes him. At about 14 weeks he was trying hard to sit himself up and even now he can push himself up into a sitting position but he just wobbles over. He’s a long slim baby so perhaps there just isn’t the bulk to hold him up.

Visiting friends over the weekend she offered me her Widgey Nursing Pillow and it’s brilliant. I have used a non maternity V pillow but it is too wide a V. The Widgey is more like a Continue reading

Week 30 – Treasure Box

I’ve noticed the little man is not so keen on his soft, crinkly new baby toys as he used to be. It always amazes me how much interest a bright, crinkly caterpillar can hold when presented to baby for the 200th time. But there comes a time when it just gets chucked on the floor and not as part of a new game. So it’s time to up the toy anty.

I heard a bit about Baby Sensory classes and as there aren’t any in our area I decided to put together a ‘Treasure Box’. The idea of a Treasure Box is a Continue reading

Week 28 – The Commando Crawl

So the Little Man can get around pretty well rolling. He’s perfected the roll. Front to back, back to front and dead quick too but out of the blue just as I was rushing around like a looney on Good Friday packing to get away on holiday he did The Commando Crawl. I decided it was pretty much a one-off, he was just reaching for a toy. Surely he can’t crawl at 6 1/2 months? Surely?

Once they can crawl, life is not the same. There is a certain comfort in knowing they will be where you left them when you pop off for a few minutes to put the wash on. It’s also one of those baby milestones that mean you’re baby is growing up. I found with No 1 you can’t wait to tick off each milestone, No 2 you are a bit more laid back and with No 3 sometimes you just don’t want them to grow up.

Over Easter weekend he continued to drag himself around, picking up speed and by Sunday we decided yes we have a crawler…time to baby proof!