Week 26 – Cheeky Wipes

I can be a bit of an eco warrior(ess) but with my first two I never even considered cloth nappies. When I started shopping for Baby No 3 a friend who has two children and used cloth nappies explained just how easy they are. It all made sense and I decided that when things settled down with No 3 I’d give them a go.

Well I’ve not quite got there but I hate using baby wipes on newborns so I invested in a set of Cheeky Wipes. Cheeky Wipes are reusable baby wipes. I’m such a convert that Continue reading

Week 25 – Amber Teething Jewellery

Amber Teething Jewellery is something I have used for every baby and in my book is an essential! Baby doesn’t actually chew or teethe on the jewellery but merely wears it. The heat of their body releases a natural analgesic from the amber that relieves the symtoms of teething. Both the pain and the dribbling. Now whether it scientifically works or not I don’t know but teething is not something that has ever been a real problem in our household. Also everyone to whom I have recommended a bracelet or necklace has found an instant improvement. So in my book it is £10 well spent.

Amber Teething Jewellery has long been used in Europe and you will see many babies in NZ who also wear the jewellery. For the girls I had necklaces which you have to remove during sleep times for safety reasons. For the little man I have an anklet which he wears 24/7. From time to time there have been safety concerns on the jewellery due to the small beads but they are individually knotted and so a breakage would only lead to losing one bead. I think if you are sensible and regularly check the jewellery you will be fine.

If you’d like to try a necklace, bracelet or anklet I recommend Amber Pumpkin who you can find on FB and Amazon. They have super fast delivery which is brialliant if you have a very grumpy teething baby and need relief now!