Flower Stork Baby Photo Shoot

We regularly update our product images and we decided now was the time to do some lifestyle shots of real live babies in The Flower Stork clothes. With one model at the ready (my little man) the hunt was on for a baby girl model.

We were delighted to have Eva (a happy Flower Stork bouquet recipient) put forward and the shoot was scheduled. Having recently done some family photos I was a little nervous as it was hard work getting 3 kids happy and smiling at the same time. However would we get on with two young babies.

Eva and Keaton were Continue reading

Our TV Debut

Late last year we were approached by the team at 3VTV. A soon to launch local internet TV station, to create a short film about The Flower Stork. We didn’t need to be asked twice. It’s not often you get offered an opportunity to have a promotional film created and streamed on TV and a local internet station at that. 3VTV is a UK first and as an on-line business that is focused on new technology we are delighted to have had this opportunity to adopt some of the very latest in marketing technology. A big Thank you to the Team at 3VTV.

So without further ado we hope you will stop by and find out a little bit more about The Flower Stork on 3VTV and where it all began.

Do Real Men Change Nappies?

They just might with a little encouragement and what better way than this cool chocolate bar. Thankfully modern dads and dads-to-be certainly get a lot more involved in pregnancy, child birth and child rearing than they did when I was growing up. I’m lucky enough to have a real man that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty (literally). Time to celebrate the new modern dad with a cool new daddy gift.