Week 17 – Sleep Glorious Sleep

So it was only 2 weeks ago I wrote about the lack of sleep. There is one thing I have learned with babies and children. They have some bad habits or stages, but they are always short lived. I knew we were heading in the right direction sleep wise, it was just taking a little longer to get there than I would have liked. Or than his sisters did. But my lovely boy hit the 17 week mark and Continue reading

Week 16 – I’m a Mum Get Me Out of Here

There comes a time when you suddenly find baby is more settled, you are more rested and organised and well the four walls are drawing in. I do think it hits around the 4 month mark and mine has hit. It’s time to get out and do some fun stuff with my little man. The mild January weather is certainly in our favour too.

I remember back when I had my first I started out at my local NCT Coffee Group and then moved on to Water Babies, Music and Movement, Tumble Tots etc etc. Before I knew it I had a full mummy social life. So much so that hubby had the audacity to suggest Continue reading

Week 15 – The No Sleep Brigade

So after two sleepers it appears this time around I am a member of this exclusive club. I did think the likelihood of 3 sleepers wasn’t statistically possible.

I have found with a young baby peoples first question is, how old is he now ? And then the golden question, does he sleep through?

But why oh why do they then find the need to regale you with stories of babies that sleep through….

….the 5 week old baby that sleeps through (yes I was smug when I had one of these too!)
….the 10 week old twins to a first time mother that sleep 7 to 7 (lucky lady but with twins to look after I think she deserves a good nights sleep just that little bit more than the next mum).
….the lady with a hearing loss who’s baby learnt to sleep through as mum couldn’t hear them (really!!)

and that was just in 2 minutes at the school gate yesterday.

I’ve tried loads of things, the pep talk “you know mum is OK in the night dadddy is with me you don’t need to wake every couple of hours to check on me, feed him more in the day, try a bottle (completely and utterly rejected).

But he is very cute, even at 1am, 3 am, 5 am and 6am……Repeats the new mum mantra to ones self “it won’t be forever”. Sometimes it just feels it.

A Chocolate Love Story

Think outside the Box (of chocolates….) this Valentines Day and send a Chocolate Bouquet. Our Valentines Day chocolate bouquets are delicious and seductive.

Valentines Day brings the quintessential flowers, chocolates and romance, so why not combine all three and say ‘I Love You’ or ‘Be Mine’ with a Continue reading