Week 5 – Baby its cold outside

I have had two winter babies, so I am well versed with keeping them warm. That is the easy bit. Ensuring they don’t overheat is the hard bit. Traditionally a snow suit is used when baby is out and about but as soon as you get anywhere and baby is asleep in their car seat you risk them waking up either by disturbing them to remove said snow suit or they over heat and wake up (very grumpy).

I decided that with Autumn baby No 1 who will go though an entire winter there has got to be a Continue reading

Week 4 – Slumber Bear

Well the CLB routine seems to be going really well, Little Man has eased into a routine of feeding 3 hourly during the day and night. I am up at 10pm, 1am, 4am and 7am feeding him. Which is great but he feeds for well over an hour each time and he just doesn’t want to settle afterwards so I’m still not getting a lot of sleep in between. Now I know from past experience that come 6-8 weeks they get more efficient at feeding so feed times are quicker but I really need a way of settling him back to sleep. I read through the September Birth Club posts on Baby Centre last week and lots of mums swear by Continue reading

Week 3 – A Contented Baby

I am a big advocate of routines for babies. With our first some friends put us onto The Contented Little Baby by Gina Ford. They had turned to it in desperation when their first ruled the roost and they were exhausted. With no experience of babies whatsoever and an inability to even get dressed for 3 days when our first arrived we turned to it and never looked back. Most people that are parents are either in the pro Gina Ford camp or against. My reasoning on routine as opposed to baby led are babies feed three hourly anyway why not give them a little guidance on when to start their day as opposed to Continue reading

Week 2 – New Baby Gifts and Flowers

To say we have been spoilt by gifts for the Little Man is an understatement. They have arrived thick and fast since before we even got home from hospital. All our friends and family have been so utterly generous and kind. I can safely say the Little Man now has more clothes than his mum!! I know some friends and family feel a little daunted buying a gift for a family that runs a business in New Baby Gifts but that hasn’t meant they have held back. The gift of choice this time around has been clothes. It is such a change to see a windowsill brimming with blue Congratulations cards and a washing line full of little blue clothes.

As some of you will know The Flower Stork was born out of receiving dozens of bouquets of flowers when Little Lady 1 arrived. Well this time we received one bouquet and it was gorgeous and took pride of place in the living room and with just one bouquet (in a living vase) we could really enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike flowers, I love them but with a new baby in the house I think there are much more useful new baby gifts you can send.