Week 1 – Bringing Home Baby

After one night in hospital and the Little Man and I had the all clear to head home, a relief as I was in 5 days last time. A very very very proud big sister came with dad to collect us and what a lovely surprise when we got home. Dear MIL had decorated the house and had a lovely cake waiting. Complete with It’s a Boy balloons on the gate and signs in the windows. I don’t normally go for that sort of thing but I must admit it was very sweet and of course the neighbours also knew he had arrived! Saved any embarrassment of anyone seeing my still protuding tummy and asking how much longer?

As this is my last baby (really this time!) I just want to enjoy every precious moment, sleepless or not! Finally on the 3rd I have realised that the initial Baby Fog soon lifts and you simply cannot spoil a baby by cuddling them as much as you can. A routine can wait a week or so…

My dear MIL is also staying for a week to help with the older ones and around the house. She has been an absolute rock and has allowed me to just concentrate on baby and getting feeding established. Naively on our first we wanted to be just the three of us and to find our own way. Having done it both ways I really think you need some family support in the early days. The best gift I think anyone can give you is to pitch up and put a meal on your table, hold the baby while you shower and tidy up a bit. A big thank you to Nanny Doris for all your help this week. I hope it was a special week for you too and your first grandson.

Introducing Keaton…

…well they were right it’s a BOY!

Keaton arrived on Saturday 24 September at 447am, a gorgeous 8lb bundle.

I was induced at my request on my due date, at 11am. I was also induced with Little lady 2 and she arrived in 24 minutes so about 25 minutes after my induction started I must admit to feeling a little deflated that Continue reading

Last preparations and possible evictions – Week 38

I’ve had a few days maternity leave split between putting my feet up and getting last minute things prepared. It is about this time that I suddenly don’t feel in quite so much rush to have this baby. Experience tells me he is quieter in than out but I’m also excited to meet him and would really like to get the ouchy bit over and done with! You get so tired towards the end that I actually found with No 2 I was less tired the first two weeks I had her than the last two weeks of being pregnant. Well less huge and cumbersome anyway. Anticipation has certainly sarted to build on all fronts. If I phone hubby at work he answers all breathless until he realises I am just calling with a mundane piece of information not to tell him my waters went in M&S. At any one time there will be three new text messages from people checking in to see that I have got my feet up and I’ve not got any twinges. My MIL has been despatched to keep an eye on me whenever hubby is away and then there is the diasppointment at the school gate when the lovely mums realise that I am still pregnant. When you show very early it can seem like the worlds longest pregnancy, for everyone!!

So now I have had a rest my mind has turned to natural eviction processes. There are many theories on what could bring labour on. I am a firm believer that Continue reading

Maternity Leave – Week 37

OK so I have actually started maternity leave later than I had planned but it is still earlier than with my 2nd when I went on maternity the day after my due date! Not to be recommended and definately not to be repeated!!

A few last minute things came up I wanted to finish off and of course owning my own business I will never completely switch off but my body and my team were telling me it was time.

So first task for maternity leave was a pregnancy massage, my 1st since Week 24 and looonnnggg overdue. It was bliss. I am booked in for another next week I just hope I get that far. My dear MIL has decided Continue reading

False Alarm No 1 – Week 36

Ok so I know I am not due for a few more weeks and chances of an early arrival when the first two were 10 and 8 days late, the second via induction are very slim but…

On Wednesday I had very regular pains all afternoon, not just what I would call brackton hicks. So I was wondering is this it. Luckily hubby had his meeting cancelled and was home rather than away overnight so we had a chat, decided it was very unlikely, lets get the kids to bed and wait it out. The fact that he came home to find me giving the kids tea at 4pm when recently during the school holidays tea time has slipped to about 6:30pm was put down to late pregnancy insanity.

I had a hot bath which they say will ease brackton hicks, if they keep coming it could be the real deal. They were still coming and afterwards I was lying in bed reading to No 2 when she innocently rested her knee on the side of my bump. Well I nearly went through the roof with the pain, told hubby I thought it was more than BH and rang the maternity unit. They said come in and bring your bag and notes! At this stage pains were every 6 minutes, getting more painful and regular.

As it turns out I had a water infection which can mimic labour pains, a false labour! Well in 3 pregnancies I have never heard of that. The consultant did however mention keeping me in if I had an infection. By this stage a lady in the room across the hall was mooing like a moose, I was panicing and telling the midwife I had changed my mind about having a baby and begged to go home. They agreed and luckily the pains subsided and not a niggle since. I nearly ran out of the hospital. I think with each subsequent pregnancy you get more apprehensive about labour as you know what you are in for.

With the kids having been dropped at MIL for the night we had a good nights rest and I promptly ordered a few things the next morning that we still need. Such as a moses basket. With one false alarm behind us I now feel much more relaxed that this little man will come when he is ready.