Keeping Ahead of the Competition

We’ve long been proud to hand-craft our award winning Bouquets of Baby Clothes in our UK workshop with exclusively made UK Baby Clothes. This ensures that each bouquet is as special as the baby it is made for.

Last week BabyCupCakes, originally from Australia announced they were withdrawing from the UK market. Citing the weak exchange rate and increased shipping costs making their operations here no longer viable.

This is not surprising news to us here at The Flower Stork. Whilst other companies have looked Continue reading

Names – Week 32

Half the decision making is eliminted when you know whether you are having a pink bundle or a blue bundle. Leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand. We have a boys name we chose when we were expecting Little Lady 2 and we still love it so common sense would dictate that we just go with that and be done with it. Did I say common sense in pregnancy? Instead I order a Baby Names book and Continue reading

Let the countdown begin – Week 31

When you get to about 28 weeks it is easy to think could this pregnancy get any longer! I feel large, uncomfortable and well I still have 12 LONG weeks to go. Just around the corner you hit the countdown of 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1….POP. How the tide can turn in 2 short weeks.

Reality has really hit this week as it is now less than 10 weeks until I give birth. Made all the more real over the last week that Danielle Lloyd delivered her baby 10 weeks early.

There is a point in each pregnancy where you suddenly realise that the baby must come out…and well it is going to hurt. I have been thinking this for a few weeks now but writing it down makes it seem even more real, so I have been avoiding verballising it. In my first pregnancy I clearly remember suddenly thinking this was a BAD plan. A little like Continue reading

Kate Hudson Welcomes 2nd Son

Kate Hudson and her fiancé Matt Bellamy have welcomed a son.

The 32-year-old actress gave birth to a ‘healthy baby boy’ in Los Angeles on saturday night her rep has confirmed to Us Weekly.

Kate is also mother to seven-year-old Ryder who will play big brother to the new addition to their family.

Kate Hudson is part of a long line of A-list Hollywood Royalty but here at The Flower Stork we think behind the scenes she is a regular mum like the rest of us. She famously Continue reading

This is my Baby Brother/Sister Playbook

Designed to help pre-empt and prevent sibling jealousy and rivalry by involving your child in the arrival of a new baby.

Instead of resenting their new baby brother or sister, your child will feel involved and be eager to welcome and accept the new arrival. Photographs to take include ‘This is a photograph of my brother/sister’s favourite toy’ and questions to answer including ‘Can he/she wave her hands in the air? and Can he/she eat fish fingers and peas?’

The completed playbook will be a real treasure to keep forever. The perfect new sibling gift!