The 9 month strrrrretch – Week 19

There are several stages of the ‘baby bump’.

1. Trying to hide the bump
2. Is it a baby bump or did she eat too many doughnuts
3. How many weeks are you bump
4. How many weeks do you have left bump
5. Ready to drop bump

I have always shown early and sported a fairly impressive basket ball bump by the end but I’ve never been huge. This time around I must say I am a little worried. I don’t mind showing early as you get to the obviously pregnant stage when strangers readily ask, when is the baby due? So you know they know you are pregnant and not just porky. Last week I noticed Continue reading

I have nothing to wear! – Week 18

Now I know my husband will say he has heard this all before. But I seriously have nothing to wear! Well nothing that fits any longer.

I am a firm believer that you should invest in some key maternity pieces fairly early on in your pregnancy. It is the only time I do ‘capsule wardrobe’ or in this case capsule sounds a little miniscule in size, perhaps it should be termed ‘vessel wardrobe’. The reason for buying early is you want to be comfortable and you will get more wear out of items you buy early on than wait until your normal wardrobe or the bigger pieces you bought are bursting at the seams and you have to relent and get maternity clothes that you then only wear for a few weeks.

I had forgotten maternity clothes are often Continue reading

Flower Stork @ Harrods

One of the highlights in our first year of trading was Harrods becoming a stockist. They have been incredibly loyal to us and here we are 5 1/2 years later still working together. A working relationship we are proud of and they certainly are our most prestigious stockist here in the UK.

Harrods recently added Cotton Candy Lollipops and Angel Cakes to their range and sent us some lovely photos of the new displays they have put together.

If you find yourself in London Continue reading

April ‘Baby’ Showers

April showers is a term often used to describe that weather phenomenom of spring rain in parts of the northern hemisphere, particularly the United Kingdom. Thankfully we don’t appear to be too affected so far this month. But I guess there is always time..

For us here at The Flower Stork April Showers is a term we use to describe the Baby Showers going on around the country. We get rushed off our feet producing white baby clothes bouquets to be showered on all the new and impending Spring arrivals. They are one of my favourite bouquet colourways, white, crisp, clean and fresh looking!

A Little Pregnancy Advice – Week 17

There are three pieces of advice I always give to new impending parents.

1. Join the NCT and attend your local ante-natel classes

You will meet local, like minded couples at the same stage as you. Invaluable social support for coffee mornings and general baby chit chat in the early days when your friends might not be as interested in how may wet nappies are produced per day. Often life long friendships are formed. I am definately going to be joining my local group to meet some mums with babies in my area.

2. Read Gina Ford – Contented Baby Book

Well we actually usually send this as a Pregnancy Congratulations Gift. Gina is a little like Marmite you will either love her or hate her. We call her Continue reading