Does my Tum Look Big in This – Week 10

All the pregnancy books (and apps) seem to tell you at about Week 12 you will start to show and the few weeks after that you will ‘pop out’. I seem to be one of those women that just shows early. In my 1st pregnancy I had an early scan as with a chance of twins, bad morning sickness and a prominent bump we were convinced we were expecting twins. In my 2nd pregnancy my neighbour asked me at 11 weeks when the baby was due! Well here I am at Week 10 and I am not only showing but I also seem to have Continue reading

A visual diary of Baby’s 1st year

In January while pondering New Years resolutions I came aross a great website 365 Project.

The 365 project is a photography project where you document a year of your life by taking a daily photo. Such a simple concept yet great for recording those precious memories. Especially for those of us not dedicated enough to keep a diary or start filling out record books and give up after a few weeks. You could use it to record Baby’s 1st Year, a pregnancy or any year in your life.

There is even a Facebook feed Continue reading

Is Mother’s Day the New Valentines Day?

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Valentines Day. When you are single it is a black day you approach with trepidation unless you are one of the lucky ones with a full letter box, I never was! When you are dating it is of course great fun and I did actually get engaged on Valentines Day. I think an attempt on my other half to turn me into the great romantic he is. That was 11 years ago and since the children arrived the focus seems to always be on them so much so that Valentines day kind of comes and goes without too much fanfare. But Mothers Day well that is a whole new Continue reading

Spread a little Mother Love

5 Great reasons to send Mum a Mothers Day Chocolate Bouquet this Mothers Day!

365 sleepless nights
2921 nappy changes
2557 feeds
12479 nappy wipes
1 Mothers Day

So make sure Mum knows how much you appreciate her and make Mother’s Day a little sweeter this year…Say it with Chocolate!

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Sprout Pregnancy App – Week 9

Another first in this pregnancy is Smart Phone Pregnancy Apps. I know you can get apps on absolutely anything and whilst slightly slow to adopt them I am finding I am using them more and more. You might even say with 3 pregnancy apps on the go I am becoming a bit of a junkie.

One that came highly recommended is Sprout It has all sorts of clever tools such as weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer and diary of ante natel appointments. The imagery is really nice with life like 3D images at all stages of development. My girls love this as they can see the baby developing week by week and Continue reading