Bottle Buddy – you can count on it!

Having trouble remembering how to count from one to seven in the middle of the night or let’s face it at anytime of the day at the moment? Are you trudging through the baby fog transition from being all fingers and thumbs with baby to being the ‘SuperMum’ we know you are going to be?

We’ll we’ve come across another ‘got to have’ gadget to help with Continue reading

An early and easy Christmas Dinner

I love Christmas and every naff thing about it. I don’t mind sentimental Christmassy songs, tinsel, coffee flavoured Roses chocolates, socks as presents, bath sets from Marks and Spencer that smell of Magnolia or even Babysham. In fact, I love Babysham, especially with a morello cherry sunk in it. It’s a good job I love the festive season really with a name like mine. Continue reading

Mummyproof jewellery

Introducing Mama Jewels™ award winning ‘Mummyproof Jewellery’. The ideal gift for any fashion conscious new mum, these gorgeous Mama Jewels Nursing Necklaces bring together style and functionality. Designed by a fellow Mumpreneuer and awarded bronze at the Continue reading

Mmmmmm….It’s chOctoberfest!

Did you know it is National Chocolate Week from 11th until 17th October? As if you really needed an excuse to indulge in some chocolate therapy….but if you do….it is your ideal opportunity for pure chocolate indulgence!! or to share some Chocolate Love.

Why not take a look at our range of Chocolate Bouquets for your chOctoberfest celebration.