Bath Time all wrapped up!

We love this ingenious design combining a baby towel and an apron! It keeps mum or dad dry when bathing baby and allows them to quickly cocoon baby in a warm towel complete with hood as they lift their wriggly bundle out of the bath. Putting to an end not having a towel to hand or end up soaked after every bath!

And after a happy, soothing bath and cuddled in the luxurious 100% cotton towelling your clean and contented baby Continue reading

Sort of Bolognese with a Toddler addition!

Today my mother and father (AKA Nan-kneeee and Baa Baa) kindly looked after Charlie whilst I had the pleasure of visiting the Coventry branch of Ikea. (Less said the better, though I do have a wonderful storage solution for all the stuff we need for the imminent Baby Bell #2.)

When I returned we asked Charlie whether he’d like a little brother or a little sister. With no hesitation he replied Continue reading

Nappygate – Day 15

The health visitor did warn me that potty training can sometimes take two weeks. And with a stubborn LL we could be in for the long haul. I must admit as we approached the 2 week mark I was feeling pretty disgruntled about the whole thing. There was a glimmer of hope that two No2’s had been done on the toilet but the elusive No1 was still playing hard to get. Every time we had an accident I felt a little gutted, that was another missed opportunity. I had to steel myself not to try and get the poor wee thing to drink more and more to produce more and more opportunities. Was I becoming obsessed.

So Day 15 was going pretty badly. Firstly, our first in-car accident. Followed by our first double accident (No1 and No2 in one go). Lucky hubby got that one! So I nonchalantly suggested sitting on the toilet before she got her pyjamas on for a wee and low and behold, another first. She casually sat on the loo and did a wee. I heard the noise first and then a huge smile spread across her face. She straight away wanted to ring her nan and granddad to tell them. A mere ten minutes later she said she wanted to go again and produced another wee. Show off!

So tomorrow we are off Fairy Castle shopping. I am going to keep the little people that it comes with aside and bribe her to keep the potty training up dishing them out one by one as she uses the potty, successfully.

The Womama Birthing Wrap

The little black dress every woman deserves to give birth in!

With a strap-line like that – who wouldn’t want it?  It’s the perfect gift for a pregnant woman to help her feel comfortable, feminine and special on her big day.  It is also suitable to be worn throughout labour and birth. Continue reading

Sheerluxe Online Shopping Awards 2010

I love to go to work. Not just to get a day off from the kids but I truly love what I do. I hope the rest of the team feel pretty excited by their days too. It is hard work but we are surrounded by some beautiful things and the faint sweet smell of chocolate Continue reading