Maternity Bra – Week 17

Now I’ve been putting this off for sometime and not looking forward to it at all – Maternity Bras!

I’ve looked at them, even touched them, but I’m not impressed by them in any way shape or form, it’s all wrong.
Now I’m no buck some lass but I have a medium size bust but have always worn an underwire bra which I feel gives me the support I need. HB (bless him) thought he would take me maternity bra shopping (in other word push me into getting one). Arrived at Mothercare and walked slowly towards them. HB not impressed by the lack of enthusiasm, as he was there to help (I should have known better and ran). I grabbed a few different styles and went in the fitting room to try them on. They all felt wrong and are so unattractive, they remind me of training bra’s for kids, you know the ones that are made of t-shirt like material that give no support but help get use to wearing one!

While trying on these uninspiring bras, HB had found a chart of how to measure yourself and lucky enough for me there was a tape measure at hand also. Before you could say “One person per fitting room” I opened the door and HB was in there with tape measure at the ready. First the measurement of the band then the cup size. I had to be measured twice to make sure he had it right, then off to find the perfect fitting bra for his dishearten wife.

On his return he had chosen the ugliest bra in the whole entire shop, yes it was the one style that all the sizes where available but HB doesn’t realise that that was because it was so ugly that no one was buying that style. I tried it on with no comment and what do you know – it didn’t fit – so out came the tape measure again to double check his calculations were correct and of course they were, so why didn’t it fit (why me!) I then had to go through all the re-adjusting of straps, gap tests etc and still it didn’t fit. By this stage I had lost the will to live and was on the brink of bursting into tears and wanted to go home.

HB was not impressed by lack of appreciation for his effort but couldn’t explain that this was worse than being 11 all over again.

We left – not empty handed. I brought a lovely skirt so I thought the trip was a great success!

About Holly

Our contributor from her blog:  Recipes from a Normal Mum

Hi I’m Holly Bell, a normal mum (hence the title of the blog) with one little boy and another on the way.

I’ve decided to record the recipes I use, partly to save them somewhere and partly incase someone else might like to use them – someone who like me is a little fed up of newspapers and magazines publishing recipes demanding ingredients that are hard to get hold of or that require hours of hard labour. The recipes mostly use stuff I have in my cupboards, fridge or freezer rather than requiring a one off stressful shopping trip to a specialist market/shop searching for that missing elusive ingredient.

Come back and let me know how you get on!

Telling Work – Week 16

I’ve been putting off telling work for over 3 weeks now. Why? I’m not sure, but of course I pick the worst week to make my announcement!

There were new members of staff starting (worldwide) who had to come to the head office for their inductions. The big boss had arrived from New York so there were meetings all day, which left no time for me to have a few minutes with my immediate boss to tell him the news. So opted for an email!

Didn’t realise how hard it would be to draft an email telling him. I did think of just saying “Hi there, I’m pregnant, Cheers” but thought it wouldn’t go down so well. So I recruited one of my friends at work to help draft the email.
Well the message was short. It read:

“Dear ……
I’ve been trying to get a free moment with you but don’t think this week has been the best so I’m going to take option 2 and tell you by email. I’m in the process of constructing the latest addition to our department! Must be cakes on me next week. Which reminds me that I have a midwifes appointment on Friday.

Sounds really daft but thought I was very clever at the time, as it wasn’t direct but the added bit of the midwife left no doubt that I was pregnant.

I knew when he read my email – he made some grrr noises then nearly fell off his chair! He called me to one side in total shock. He didn’t know what to say so I confirmed I was about 16 weeks pregnant. He asked whether I had just had my …. Birthday! What is it with my age? I’m no spring chicken but I’m no old goat either!

He then made an announcement to the whole department and from there the word spread. No hiding now.
It’s funny when people/work colleagues find out your pregnant they stop looking at your face and concentrate on your belly when talking to you.