Toilet Seat Up or Down? – Week 15


Now HB did ask me when we first found out we were pregnant what I thought we were having and I said that I thought it was a boy so HB said that if I was sure it was a boy then it was definitely a girl.  I might have some issues with making my mind up but thought his response was just rude so gave him the glare!

I’d say about 99.99% of our friends and family have asked whether we know what the sex is or whether we were going to find out.  It’s something I hadn’t thought about as I was more focus on the test results.  So back to the internet to research on whether we should or shouldn’t find out and the confusion that came with it.

One thing I found was the “nub theory” was you are meant to be able to tell from your 12 week scan (10-14 weeks).  The nub is in the genital area and it either points up or down.  Up is a boy and down is a girl.  Now I had studied our scan photo’s for about a week and I couldn’t even find the nub so gave up on this theory but had a look at other peoples that had posted on the internet and I’d say about 80% I still couldn’t see the nub, but other mums-to-be had posted what they had thought the sex was.

Now all the old wives tales out there which some seemed fun but some are just weird and some women swear by them.  There are the common ones of the dangling the ring over the bump to see which way it swayed which determine the sex.  Your hair (all body hair) whether is grows quicker or stays the same and the best one is the urine, if it’s dull it’s a girl or florescent (that’s right) it’s a boy.  If I had florescent wee – firstly I’d show HB then get myself to the doctors.  But the list just goes on and on of the test/games to play to see what flavour your bundle of joy will be.

I read a lot of stories where the parents hadn’t found out and when their baby was born just wanted to hold the baby and a good percentage had actually forgotten to ask what the babies gender is as it’s the last thing on their mind or they were told but from all the events of the birth just didn’t take it in.  The ones that did find out had that special moment with their partner, they then started to call bump by the name the have chosen or could then choose a name also all the purchases where not limited to white/yellow.

All very interesting but still we haven’t decided.  Think it will all come down to the day of our 20 week scan –  I think.

By the way I think it’s a baby girl now.  DOH!

The Results – Week 13


After the scan HB couldn’t resist and had to tell his Mum and Dad or he’d explode (interesting thought). He tried several times – but no answer which was driving him crazy (makes me redundant). We finally got hold of them and they were over the moon. They told us that we will make great parents which was something I had thought about but when your parents say it it gives you that bit more of a confidence boost. Once that call was over there was no stopping him, next was his sister and his best friends, I on the other hand was more hesitate about telling people until we had the results back. I suppose it’s just in my nature to be a little bit more reserved. I think HB thought I was mad or knew something he didn’t but just all the build up to the results was very overwhelming and nerve racking for me.

The next three days (until we got our results) were hell. You feel so helpless – but we were very lucky as our results came back as good. No extra testing was required we still had the choice of having the C.V.S test but the risk factor outweighed our results. Are birth date had also been moved a week earlier to the 10th November; which I don’t think is right when you do all the sums, but I am not going to complain as it a week I don’t have to worry about.

For the next couple of days we were on the phone telling all about our great news, some were shocked and others said that they knew but didn’t want to say anything. All in all we’re both still on cloud nine and all the family were happy for us and all helped us float that little bit longer.

The 12 Week Scan


The day had come and I’m so glad our appointment was early.  I was up and ready to go by 6.55am and our appointment was at 8.45am so not long to wait.

Had estimated that it should only take us 20 minutes (different hospital than the consultant) + 10 minutes to find a park, well I got that wrong.  HB was a bit on edge by the time we got there.  We had various choices of parks thank goodness as that would of sent him right over the edge.  We had a minute to spare so to save time I asked the receptionist where we had to go for a scan so she sent us to the x-ray department who then redirected us to the right department that was 1 floor up and on the other side of the hospital.  Got to there approximately 4 minutes late which I apologised several time.

While filling out the form’s HB announces he had to find the boys room before he drowned so off he raced.  I was taken into the room where I was weighed then asked to lie on the bench/table/slab, then HB arrived back more relaxed and he didn’t miss a thing.  The sonographer dimed the lights then warm gel was squirted onto my tummy and then a whole new world was opened to us.  She said that there was only one baby there.  It just seemed so surreal, she showed us the heart beat that was beating so fast it made me feel exhausted then there were little arms and legs, showed us the baby’s brain.  WOW!

Then came the important measurements 1st the length of baby then the Nuchal Fluid behind the baby’s neck which was within the guide as normal.  We watch our little one have a stretch, did it just like its Dad when he’s sleeping, arms close to his chest and legs straight out.  She then focused on the top of my womb where a 6cm fibroid was lucking in the shadows.  HB said it could be a play thing for the baby.  Yes, a glare was sent.

The scan was all over in about 10 minutes, so short a time to take everything in at once.  I think you need 10 minutes of mesmerised time, 10 minutes of facts and figures then 10 minutes of just watching the life that you have created.

We got 2 photos of our little one and then floated out of the room and down to the hall to have a blood test.   My favourite photo is the one where our baby looks like a chicken, sooooooo cute.  HB said that he was glad that the lights were dimed as he got slightly emotional but managed pull himself together, he’s also soooooo cute. 

We had to wait awhile for our number to be called for the blood test but at this stage it could of taken all day and we wouldn’t of cared as we were still floating on cloud nine.

I was called in after about 15 minutes and the nurse asked me to stop glowing or she’d burst in to tears of joy.

I think her statement summed up the whole morning.