The Consultant – Week 10


Nerves where high the closer it came to our meeting with the consultant.  Trying to relax was impossible. 

Had told work I had a consultant appointment but not what for; so yet another white lie.

Left work after lunch arrived home in good time (no train delays), rushed inside to smarting up but not sure why, then left with HB giving us 45 minutes before the appointment.  Drive only took 15 minutes but trying to find a park nearly took 20 minutes, so lucky I made HB leave earlier.

As we walked in the doors there are antibacterial hand dispensers which I watched HB skilfully use as if he was a pro, so I decided to duplicate the skill and finesse he showed.  DOH!  The foam ended up on the floor so quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed and of course the only eyes  locked on to me  were the lovely receptionists.  They never miss a trick!  I smiled and shrugged my shoulder and tired again. Hurrah, success.

Gave the reception with the note from the midwife which stated the consultant’s name but her hand writing was worse than the doctors – so lucky she could read it.  Was given a urine sample bottle to fill, shouldn’t of done the nervous wee before I left home.  It took me roughly about 5 minutes to produce a wee wee sample then another 5 minutes to be called.  It’s really weird holding your warm wee sample, asked HB to hold it but just got a raised eye browed look.

A nice young trainee midwife calls us in and took my blood pressure then took HB’s so he didn’t feel left out.  Wonder if they could inflict enough pain on him while I’m in labour so he doesn’t feel left out, just a thought?

The consultant arrived a short time later, however it wasn’t the consultant – but his Locum.  We were basically told the same things about risks that we had found out on the internet and the only sure way to find out was to have a C.V.S (Chorionic Villus Sampling) or Amniocentesis which both come with a risk that can sometimes outweigh the results of the NT & blood results from your first scan.   So the wait for our first scan and blood tests.

I think we left the appointment even more nervous.

Flower Stork Lesson No 1 – I Told You So


A clever man (my husband) once suggested to me that I keep a diary about the goings on at The Flower Stork. Nothing fancy, just a diary to keep a record of how our new baby gift business developed. When you have had 5 orders and attracted your first trade account it is hard to imagine 5 years down the track having 300 trade accounts (including the prestigious Harrods), ‘award winning’ new baby gifts, features in some of the UK’s top magazines, a loyal celebrity following, well you get the point.

Not having ever been a diary person I kind of didn’t take his advice, well I ignored it. I just literally never seemed to have the time and now well… it is one of my regrets. Along with that lesson I have also learnt that it is OK to make mistakes, but best then to admit to them and act on them.

I might not quite have admitted this to him but I guess I am acting on it. That is one of the reasons I wanted to create this blog, as a way of finally recording some of the things that go on at The Flower Stork. If any of it can be of interest to our customers, and hopefully it is then that is great too.

Hopefully by the time my husband gets around to reading our blog this little nugget of admittance will be lost in the blogesphere. Otherwise I imagine I will have to listen to a lot of ‘I told you so’.

Midwife Finally – Week 9


The morning had arrived.  The midwife appointment!  Arose bright and earlier than needed.  Was ready to go by 7.30am and appointment was 11am.  So close yet so far.

Really nervous, thought she might tell me that the last 8 weeks & 6 days my body was playing tricks & I wasn’t actually pregnant.

We arrive in another record time.  HB not impressed with my driving (jealous I suspect).  Greeted by the friendly receptionist which still seems to have forgotten to take her happy pill.  Sent us to the midwifes waiting room (special).  Open the door to a room full of new mothers in a breastfeed session/lesson with a midwife. Didn’t know what to do or where to look so blurted out “We have an appointment with the midwife” was pointed to another door. 

HB and I sprinted to the door; knock a voice said “yes” so I opened the door to be greeted by the midwife & her current appointment glaring at us.  I repeated the blurb.  Midwife directs us to the waiting room where you apparently wait (funny that).  Totally embarrassed have to walk through the herd of newly breast feeding mums to the waiting room.  Bet the receptionist was well pleased with her efforts this morning.  So, so, so embarrassed and poor HB.

Was finally called to our appointment & given 101 questions which we answered to the best of our knowledge.  Had a blood test and gave a wee sample to check for protein but still nothing to confirm that I’m actually pregnant!

Talked to the midwife about our concerns of Down Syndrome & NT scan (Nuchal Translucency) which she made an appointment with a consultant to answer any of our concerns.    I thought this was really great and impressed with the service.

And that was that.  Felt exhausted afterwards and needed a rest.  Now we wait yet again.

During the Wait II – Week 7


I’ve taken the plunge and joined The Baby Centre website that gives various baby related advice. I get weekly updates sent to me with information on the growth of our baby and my body. They also sent it to your partner so he knows what’s happening also. Really like that and we can talk about it also.

They have a birth club that you can join which I haven’t but I monitor it from time to time to see what question or information is given by other mothers. Some put photos of themselves on the site and some look more like they have joined an online dating service. There is one women who looks like she was on a cruise and is advertising the Love Boat, won’t get into what the rest look like but some are normal with photo’s of their kids/pets or comic characters. I’ve picked up some great tips so not a waste of my time.

This period is turning out to be hard for both of us in so many ways as we are constantly on alert & lying our butts off (harder than I thought) to friends. I was sure all our friends would cotton on to me as I’m one of the leading alcoholic in the group which had all of a sudden stopped drinking totally. HB came up with a plan of action that worked. He was doing the London to Paris bike ride and had given up drinking until he had completed it (May) so to put up a smoke screen we were going to tell people I had stopped drinking in support of him. I thought that was brilliant idea but in my pre pregnancy life that was never going to happen, ever. Seem to be getting away with it but so on edge.

Have started to use a pregnancy creams/oil to try and combat any stretch marks that may rear the ugly mark on my Angelia Jolie look-a-like body. Well maybe not quite like her but since you don’t know me I can dream.

Looked at various reviews getting confused on what product to get or whether it should be oil or a cream so when in doubt I brought both a cream and oil. I didn’t think I would like the oil but was pleasantly surprised as the oil in the cooler days warms up really quickly not like the cream so have started basting myself in the morning with the oil until the weather get warmer then will switch to the creams. They say that if you’re prone to stretch marks (teenage year got growing stretch marks for me already) that no matter what you use you will still get them. I just hoping I’ll minimize the inevitable.