During the Wait – Week 6


Within these weeks of waiting, I searched the internet for different topics on pregnancy.  I mainly look at older mothers (not “elderly” mothers) and a lot of panic hit home with what I had found. 

The worry of Down Syndrome, miscarriages, bleeds, age, things you might have eaten & alcohol consumed before you knew you were pregnant just made me go nuts with anxiety.

Any pains I got I thought a miscarriage was on the cards and sent me into a state of alert.  Also was on panty watch for any bleeds as I had a lot of period pain like cramps.  I was also getting heart palpitations in the evening.  Most of these things are normal feelings but you read so much on the internet and it always seems to be an unhappy ending.  Decided to stop looking at the internet for a while, what happens happens.

HB and I decided not to tell anybody until we had the results of the NT scan and blood results. Now I wished I had told at least one of our friends that had children so that I had someone to confide in but this it all hindsight.  HB, bless his cottons, tried really hard but there are just some things I couldn’t make myself clear on.

During our wait we got a letter from the hospital with the date for the 12 week scan 05/05/2010 which was three weeks after our first midwife appointment.  Things seem to be on the move finally.

By week 6 in my pregnancy I started to feel nausea in the evening at the thought of food but it didn’t stop me from eating but became fussier on what I ate.  The food had to be plain and simple.  No fancy sauces just plain and simple.  I started to really enjoy tomatoes and cucumber with lots of salt or drenched in vinegar or plain salads.  Wasn’t a craving but just something I enjoyed.

I was also unable to keep my eyes open after 8pm but then up at about 5.30 – 6am.  Made peacefully nights for HB and very noisy mornings no matter how quiet I was being.

HB & I had booked a holiday (before we were pregnant) to Morocco which took place when I was 7 weeks pregnant.  It was a lovely, relaxing, warm break but restaurant and choice of food was limited as well as water issues but we still had a good time and I think we both really needed it.  A bit of exploring in the morning then lunch followed by a late afternoon naps to early dinner followed by people watching then back to bed. Think the best thing was there was no internet to surf.

The Doctors – Week 5


After a sleepless night I was up & ready to go to the Doctors by 6.55am to confirm all THREE pregnancy tests were correct.

Wake HB to inform him I was going to the Doctors to be confirmed, he kindly informs me “it’s not natural to be that smiley first thing in the morning”. What does he know?

Make it to the Doctors in record time to ask the lovely jovial & helpful receptionist for the next available appointment.  She refers me to the waiting room where I’ll have to wait.  Funny that!   Think she may have missed her happy pill this morning.

I wait for the longest 40minutes ever until my name is called.  I walked into the Doctors office and announce proudly that “I’m pregnant!”

Dr asks whether I’m happy with this news.  Did she not notice me skipping into the office, did she not see this pathetic ear to ear smile that has now given me face ache, “Yes” I reply slightly deflated.  Is your partner? “Yes”

Dr asks what pregnancy test I had done so I produce all THREE pregnancy tests to her unamused glare.  I asked whether she would need to do a blood test or a wee sample to confirm the pregnancy, to my horror she said “no” The test I’ve already produced were enough. She then worked out that my due date was 16th November 2010 (Tuesday).   Wow, that’s ages away but still wow.

I was then informed that because of my age (over 35 but under 50) I would be classed as an ELDERY blah blah I reply in shock “a what” and then she used “that” word again.  Was then told about certain problems that could arise because of my age but she had lost me at “that” word.  Downs Syndrome and the ratio of 1/250 (later on I find this is not the ratio for our area) and what some of my choices were if I was under the 250 guideline.  Didn’t take much of this information in at this stage.

Left her office a little disappointed and exhausted but told to make an appointment in 5 weeks time for the midwife and collect an exception form and an Emma’s Diary.

Rushed home to tell HB what had happening, not a lot.  Told HB the due date which made him smile and that I was called “that” word which made him laugh so hard he was crying.   Maybe should of keep that info to myself.  So now it’s going to be the longest 5 weeks ever.

The Beginning – Week 4

Monday 8th March 2010:  28 days from the last start date of my menstrual cycle ……. PANIC

Do I test or wait until I’m a week late….. TEST!

1st up to the plate is a First Response pregnancy test.  Result – double lines.  Excited now but surely it’s not the easy. 

2nd up is the One Step test.  Result strong control line but faint second line.  Okay, unable to breathe now but have decided I need another test to make sure.  Will buy one on the way to work.

HB (Husband) arrives home from a sales meeting that evening so as soon as he walked through that door I pounce on him with the news of my testing  frenzy.  He advises me not to get to excited. Whoops way too late for that!   I bring out the mother of all mothers of the testing world.  The Digital Clear Blue!

Explained to HB that this test is the real Mc Coy.  The result of this is it!  HB then asks stupid question of “why didn’t I use that test first then” What was he thinking!  I just glared at him for a brief second then take my test and walk slowly out of the kitchen, mad dash through the lounge, up the stairs, 2 at a time while trying to undo my trousers.  Reach the loo with no injuries but huge case of stage fright.  Start talking to myself to calm down, that’s not working so the taps are now on full.  Relief and the important wee sample.  It’s worth more than gold at present to me.

I read the instruction 4 times to make sure I’ve got it straight in my head then I plunge the tester in the wee & count to 10 then lay it flat & watch it like a hawk.  The longest 3 minutes in this week (it’s only Monday)

I suddenly see the word  PREGNANT on the screen.  Woo Hoo, then the words 1-2 weeks, that can’t be right.  If you do all the sums which I might have I’m at least 3 weeks!  Realise I’m arguing with a wee stick.

High tail it down stairs, 2 steps at a time, dash through the lounge and into the kitchen to show HB the prized wee stick and here is where the madness begins.