20 Months- Shhh Baby Sleeping

So the Little Man hasn’t been the best sleeper. Granted he’s not the worst and I really feel for those out there with terrible sleepers. But after his sisters it’s been a bit of a shock. So suddenly things seem to have settled down a bit and he’s ‘sleeping through’ and he’s not getting getting up up at 4am or 5am anymore. This weekend he slept until 10am. Yes 10am!! and I’m having to wake him some mornings to take his sisters to school and sometimes from a 3 hour nap. The sleep gods have arrived and my sleep dodger is now a converted sleep lover. I’m not sure what has brought on this sudden and welcome change. He still has 8 teeth to come through so technically he’s still teething. He’s a typical boy and runs everywhere and we spend a lot more time outside but not loads and loads since the weather has been pretty rubbish. He’s still not talking so there is still that major develpment leap to come. All I know with any certainty is I hope this new behaviour is here to stay.

Royal Baby Watch – The Golden Goose

It’s been reported that Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton have the same due date so I wonder how Kate feels seeing that Kim delivered a baby girl on Saturday, 5 weeks early! Congratulations to Kim and Kanye. I’m sure many have their own opinions on the stateside celebrities but at the end of the day everything aside we wish them all the very best with their special new arrival. No matter who you are there can’t be a time any more special than the arrival of a new baby and behind closed doors Kim is no different than any other new mum completely besotted with her new baby girl and completely overwhelmed with tiredness. Welcome to the baby fog.

Hearing Kim’s happy news did take me back to the arrival of my 1st Little Lady who was due Christmas Day 2003. Firstly I felt so well I cooked Christmas Dinner on my due date for 10 family and friends, madness I know! By 9pm a certain very dear friend announced that if I were to be having my baby on Christmas Day I had better get my skates on. Oh dear either he hadn’t realised that babies have their own agenda (approx. 5% arrive on their due date) or he was as impatient as the rest of the house suddenly became. Didn’t I feel like the gooose who HADN’T laid the golden egg. I suddenly felt under huge pressure to have this baby. A fair amount of it put on by myself and the fact that a Christmas baby would be very special and a pile of little pressies and a My First Christmas stocking lay unopened on the hearth. I will still naive enough to think there was still time in 3 hours to go into labour and have the baby. Little did I know at that stage this would be a 36 hour event. I can suddenly see why the palace has been very coy about Kate’s actual due date. Imagine the pressure she will feel under with the whole world watching and waiting for news of a future heir to the throne. That is a lot of pressure! Because to Kate this is her new baby and she will feel like every other new mum-to-be. I hope she gets to just saviour that special time behind closed doors. As anyone with two or more will realise you never ever get those first days and hours back again, that little bubble.

ACID Anti Copying In Design

Sadly copying is a fact of business. In some cases copying may be considered the sincerest form of flattery but in business well it’s frustrating and can be damaging to your business. We are often asked how we protect our designs and business. We’ve been members of ACID since we launched in 2005. In fact protecting our IP rights were one of the first things that we did when we set up and still consider it an important part of running our business.

It can be hard to completely irradicate copying, afterall we all take Continue reading

Bespoke Baby Bouquets

From time to time we get asked to create a bespoke range of Bouquets for clients. As we design and make all our own bouquets in our UK workshop we have the facility to put together, at short notice bespoke bouquets that those who import aren’t able to do. Of course we have all the expertise too from our own award winning range to bring to the client something that really shows off their own brand.

Recently we did this range, for an event, for a client who wanted to showcase their own Baby range. We did a selection of Continue reading